by Olmeca

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"Notes" is an inspiring piece that provides insight to the process of making music and writing. In many respects, "Notes" is a more intimate project that speaks truth to the unpolished internal process of speaking from the heart!


released September 15, 2008

Lyrics by Olmeca
Production by EQ, RE.4M & Adamatic



all rights reserved


Olmeca Los Angeles, California

Olmeca is a hip hop MC/Producer and activist hailing from L.A. CA His unique production talent in both English and Spanish is one that is hard to find, yet one that Olmeca has brilliantly mastered. In doing so, he has gained the respect of his peers in hip-hop’s demanding and unforgiving scene as well as that of many well-known names in the mainstream music industry. ... more

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Track Name: Seasons Change
Seasons Change

1st Verse
Old spirits roam cities back streets communities
Alleyways swiss blades making it by any means
Sweatshops slave jobs and all of their affinities
We are all hungry, but many still without basic necessities

Lifestyles rich/poor always the same citizens
Broken dreams broke phenes hope for different stories
Tape I got, corner bought boombox bring it back
Ghetto life the same / more police same policies

Old friend and new ways contribute to the fallacies
Memories once of going against authorities
Enemies and old friends I found a similarity
Old friends and enemies, at times, same energy

We’re dying like trees moving like water under bridge
In exchange for the luxuries and things we now posses. I guess these are some reasons why we constantly regress. As time continues to process the seasons change

2nd Verse
Speak to one another like consciousness raising praising displaying amazing change in thinking
Changing opinion is valuable like seasons like autumn days needed or L.A. nights breathing
Proving once more that life is like seasons.
Aging is the only healing for existence like the seasons keep on changing we the people keep seeking a change for the betterment of the world envision chanting fighting making music rhyming and struggling for the coming generation.

Clearly the next generation will be reaching what we’re not able to envision. Listen children speaking like seasons speak and change opinions a time for us to be silently reflecting cause if you look around you’ll find many reasons. Only took a blink of an eye to look the towers collapse and here we thought we’d never speak out the fact. As humans part of nature consistent is our change. I guess we’re also never the same the seasons change!
Track Name: Song Makes Change Interlude
"We gotta take the glow off of what's political and just understand that these are people that are talking about real life things and maybe with song maybe we could make those changes..." - Chuck D
Track Name: Music Medication
Music Medication

1st Verse
I’m a soul that has lifted / a ghetto kid that’s gifted
This is past informal / membership is formal abnormal to the normal, but normal to the global movement of resistance that I existed in.

It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a practice on the daily
Of course that it’s a passion, but it’s also my responsibility. Reflections of society mirrors of my sanity. This is where my inspiration is, I pledge myself whole-heartedly.

I give into my passion this is not a fashion /
It isn’t seasonal making music is not an option.
Music in the family it’s been through generations.
Who can ever blame them when they had the right intention?

Don’t make the same mistake twice, instead get an education. I didn’t put it down instead it turned into an obsession. Music and education means to me true preparation...and it feels alright to provide for some in a time of desperation!

2nd Verse
To enlighten the mind to bring you closer to the thing you’re trying to find /to help and assist when you’re caught up in a bind / to help you think twice before you sign the dotted line music is the motivation.

It’s been clear that the music is strong I put on my headphone cause the answer is on Whether for fun or sadness or want the day to be done I, I, I, I, quickly change the song before the feeling is gone.

Engulfed in the body of the masses channeling energy walking in the darkness to know it here is what the code is / I bring with me something that is, music, music use it, music is here and around you. The feeling you get priceless!

It’s relieved my toughest day anger and frustration
It’s my ice cream cone, it’s my meal, it’s my thrill
It’s my home away from home, it’s my seed, it’s pill
It’s my life captured on a still music is my medication!
Track Name: Already Been There
Already Been There

I’ve done lived what you’re going thru I know what you’re trying to learn. My spirit smiles when I hear things I heard a long time ago and you thinking that it’s new to me. Those news are old were taught and told by those that know plus experiences of my own.

I’m home grown I yearn to burn paths my which these players try to bring forth upon my circle of creative expression…and did I mention that I was the one who gave you the connection. Giving it back to me is like a rhetorical question.

I scorn by your ignorance your tunnel vision is ridiculous. Stick to this your fixing quick to kill the rep you built in it. So please stop yourself before you speak to me creative process has no time for insecurities or vanity.

The uprising of people and music are my interest
But they also been tainted by tantalizing waves of capital investment. A red star in a beer means more to you than the fear it strikes the 2nd third reich
I just might clinch my fist, I’m pissed at the fact you missed the hint of the headless horseman happily discussing your death in august. Pinch me I can’t believe the level of narrow-mindedness exists amongst these city streets.

Personal stories are priceless/eye-lids awake at the stake found burn by naïve-ness speak at will let the fire scream the boring truth be with one called realness with less mask. Thus the task unveils stripping away the veils of discussion marching together purification lashing with clever endevours unification of brothers I never pondered believed dreamed it would get to this level, but it did. Now I must remind you, you must live thru the steps before we proceed indeed.
Track Name: Destination Unknown
1st verse:
Have you ever tried to apply for a job
you know you’re more than qualified, but they passed? You don’t even know what you ended up last
I mean, this is what you studied for in class? Later you find out that it was head Unacceptable to have braids or threads Had nothing to do with what you knew. Not your brains, but your braids are the reason why you can’t get paid.
What the ….?

What kind of world we’re livin’ in when people gotta cut they believe in order to eat? What would you do if someone told you to be quite if your job you wanted to do as your told and take these orders from these creeps?

No phone calls, no talking, no health care, vacation, leave of absence, pension or workers compensation?
X…. that! Start your own thing, people only win when they risk everything.

I'd rather be in the Struggle and Free/ cause this life isn't meant for me. Not concerned where where I go cause the Great Spirit knows.
Let the Sun set the tone Destination Unknown

2nd Verse:
People of bronze, yellow and black poor whites
struggling people unite we fighting the same fight…
It's bigger than the riches of Trump and Bill Gates
It's unfair like standardized tests.

It's stretches farther than the Colorado River
more intense than a 0 and 3 full bases loaded on the last inning last game of the finals. It's bigger than standing alone and making it, like holding the only gift you received then breaking it… Bigger than the towers crumbling down, scarier than that petrified sound. This is the biggest crime ever committed
The gap between the rich and poor...

Not only do you hear the message hopefully it's been embedded…let it sit and marinate don't celebrate just yet...There's a reason why my thinking is clashing and unacceptable to mainstream society...I would live it behind but i found serenity and peace of mind in discovering reality!

I'd rather be in the Struggle and Free/ cause this life isn't meant for me. Not concerned where where I go cause the Great Spirit knows...

Let the Sun set the tone Destination Unknown

3rd Verse:
I left my dreams and awoke face the real
They thought they really had me and thought that it appealed to me… but it didn’t all my people stand clear. I can see into the future revolution is near.
Bad politics has only made us stronger. Segments by segment we all begin to wonder, why they trying to keep us away from each other and why so much trouble to divide and conquer?

My weakness is turned to consciencious hunger
fed through tough lesson in life and struggle.
Overcoming it has filled me with power. All I can think of is the time and the hour. Demo crap Republic can’t sustain the jaws of natural law …the visions I saw…

Call upon Creator and mountains will fall
Activate my knowledge and breakdown the walls.

I'd rather be in the Struggle and Free/ cause this life isn't meant for me. Not concerned where where I go cause the Great Spirit knows...
Track Name: Ese Dia
Ese Dia

Me acuerdo cuando iban motivados en fila
En la banqueta iban fabricando cifras
vecinos y vecinas convocados a la línea
Pensaba y decía que dirán en la esquina?
Cuando el Don se arrima. En alta voz el grita…
“Mijo, por favor sigan y ABAJO CON EL ALCA!!”
La lucha continua día tras día
y pal camino agüita un poco de comidita
la niña que curiosita que hermoso era el día

El Policía:
Entonces hacia el suelo empujo a la niña
Arrebato el agua y les tiro la comida
Yo seré día tras día el que para la lucha
Deténgase mocosa y baje la bandera
Don ya cállese la boca y las manos para arriba
El capitán que pensara cuando lleve noticia
Que le atine a los anarquistas (jaja)
En la banqueta van fabricando excusas
Desmotivados iban. Lo convertiré en pesadilla

El Papa:
Mija la estudiante, siempre sonando, quiere cambiar el mundo. Dice que me aliste pa’l primero de Mayo.
Ni que estuviera tonto, pero pronto vi en el noticiero.
Mija discúlpame mucho. Pensé que vivíamos en un país más justo. Vi a la gente feliz, hasta que ataco la policía. Me acorde de mi tierra. Mira, esto es lo que te espera Para la otra cuenta con mi presencia!!

Le dimos gracias al Creador
A las cuatro direcciones pedimos favor
Gente alrededor forman parte del círculo
Estar presente en este día es un honor
Y de repente, en sus motos como si fueran jinetes,
entra la cuica (policía) a perturbar nuestra ceremonia.
Los primeros en ser atacados.
Tienen miedo de nuestra sangre de rebelión
y la fuerza de nuestros ante pasados aho!

Aquí estamos y no nos vamos!

May Day! May Day! 1ero De Mayo, Los Angeles del año 2007. Ahora toma parte en la historia de la represión y la rebeldía. Atenco, el APPO, el WTO en Seattle, UNAM del ’99 y los muchos más ejemplos a través del mundo en contra de la represión y a nombre de la Dignidad!!