Pieces of Me

by Olmeca

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Pieces of Me song has been used in classrooms at the high school and university level, as well as, workshops on identity and culture. We are honored that the music is used in this manner. In addition, we want to recognize those teachers who provide students will alternative information despite possible hostility from their administration! We are preparing a 5 song EP entitled “Pieces of Me!” It features the beautiful voice of singer/songwriter Iren Diaz. This EP is in your honor and to all those who support quality music with a message!


released June 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Olmeca Los Angeles, California

Olmeca is a hip hop MC/Producer and activist hailing from L.A. CA His unique production talent in both English and Spanish is one that is hard to find, yet one that Olmeca has brilliantly mastered. In doing so, he has gained the respect of his peers in hip-hop’s demanding and unforgiving scene as well as that of many well-known names in the mainstream music industry. ... more

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Track Name: Dead Presidents
Vanished from my childhood memories!
We’ll be back cousin. Stay strong hold the house down, but how could you? You were only 10 years old smart and all, but not strong and bold like the rest of the tribe. I feel bad cousin. I couldn’t keep my word. Said I’d be back, but left you for another life on the other side of the line. The river, the border the fence, the desert, frontera, the lives that it claims. It’s the reason for too many deaths. The reason for too many people lost human trafficking, fuckin Clinton made a mess. NAFTA’s defense!

Salinas plotted it, Clinton signed it, Zedillo implemented it, Bush supported it corporations ran with it. Granted we expect it from some of them, but after seeing people punch a hole on a paper and put their hopes on a ballot and then seeing the fallacy of candidacy, the system’s fallacy the different party idea fantasy. Nothing for change without chains so I guess we can expect it from all of them.
Cause Fox didn’t do a damn thing in 6 years let alone in 10 minutes and Obama screamed for change, but maeant it for a bill. What’s the deal with the New Deal ideals if the money’s coming from the same pocket?
Different faces same plans / different flags same party and the boss is corporate money.

Damn cousin trust me gotta a job but quit. They almost took my dignity. Grandma said, “don’t let them take your spirit!” and they almost took it. Might as well have killed me. Don’t know what to do cousin, please tell me…


I wish you were a fruit, or cocaine, a product, material maybe then you’ll surely get a pass to the states!

Hyprocracy! A circus! Neither country believe in democracy
At least now you know why I always look at the Zs
And cousin please know, it ain’t your fault that it has to come to this.

And when the sun shines bright. Never let go once you defer to take the road your on.
Never look twice you’ll lose your life. And if you ever go astray, then you’re better off going astray in these strangest times. So never fall, never fall.

2nd verse:
I ain’t about living the dream. Get it? It’s survival mode and simply trying to make. Homeless, penniless. House to house, house to van, van to car, then back to Mexico. Ever seen the face of defeat? Didn’t think so. Here we go again, up north back up the journey never ends. It’s urban cheap labor market at its best. Home is now a state of mind, no physical location. At least you have a home cousin.

This shit is getting boring. How many more cars, buses and trains? How many times do I have to wave at my mama goodbye not knowing if I’ll see here again?
I walked her to the fence. She ran away from us so she could see us again. It’s hard to understand I know, but if you knew the border then everything would make sense.

At least you have grandpa. I know grandma passed away and now you gotta take care of three men.
The hard ache and pain for dead presidents. Now I only wish for DEAD PRESIDENTS!