Semillas Rebeldes

by Olmeca

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Olmeca is an MC/ Producer / vocalist hailing from Los Angeles, CA.

His unique music production in both English and Spanish is a talent that is increasingly hard to find, but that he has mastered brilliantly. In doing so he has gained the respect of his peers; from underground artists and fans to well-known names in the industry.

A national act having toured the U.S. and gaining popularity in California, New York, Chicago, Arizona and Texas. Olmeca has also performed and gained audiences in Mexico & Canada.

His has performed with hip hops top name artist, Latin Alternative’s most respected musicians and writing and performance opportunities in motion pictures and documentaries.


released March 6, 2006



all rights reserved


Olmeca Los Angeles, California

Olmeca is a hip hop MC/Producer and activist hailing from L.A. CA His unique production talent in both English and Spanish is one that is hard to find, yet one that Olmeca has brilliantly mastered. In doing so, he has gained the respect of his peers in hip-hop’s demanding and unforgiving scene as well as that of many well-known names in the mainstream music industry. ... more

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Track Name: Dolores
1st verse:
En la sabia de la fruta dura la historia
el sabor quedara aqui en la memoria
desde el olvido hasta la victoria
borran el espiritu y la sonrisa
son innumeros? no son dos
dos de todo y dos de uno
palabra nuestra sincera y profundo
desde el dialogo, el les dijo...
hijos/hijas caprichos fabrican
los recien nacidos pronto caminan
los recien llegados no se ubican
llegan trabajan pero no se igualan

que quiere aquel que no le de pos' que?
un trancaso para que no copie...
trato de llegar pero en veces no se puede
lo mate sin querer sin saber no supe

Quieren acabar las guerras con bombas
bombas atomicas NO
armar biologicas NO
tanques o fusiles NO
nosotros no queremos ningun rescate
cuando vera? cuando sera
el dia que ella podra ver ante el futuro igual
marcha marcha adelante, porque no caminas con nosotros anda marcha.
Ella nos espera con los brazos abiertos
Basta, basta ya todo / todo falso para ser magos
platican tanto de chistes y juegos
es por esto que canto cienfuegos!

Ya'll keep the rhythm

2nd verse:
Volando voy oye invisible
como un fantasma comun y libre
voy de casa en casa / bloque en bloque / pueblo en pueblo
tocando puertas / tocando almas / quemando errores / creciendo flores dando calor con el sudor y el temor del trabajador y trabajadora de pura lastima

que lastima (repeat)

repeat 2nd verse!
Track Name: The Product
1st verse:
I'm a commoner soldier refuting the sinister's sins
I'm an orator of people's rebellion by any means
I'm a cause of confusion because of the way that I think
I'm a hard case to follow if you follow what I did.

I'm following no orders I'm only pretending to be so, so that it makes it easier for me to enter your dome.
I'm following my own ideology and those connected to it doing it til 2013 best believe.

I'm independent and ready for anything many eyes and ears and as far as I can see I'm regulating the masses as an X on a red cloud, lion & jaguar untamed and proud.

I'm a revolutionary internally human being.
I'm a lost child born in the wild 500 years.
I'm the culmination of too many shed red tears.
I'm a problem to the establishment and their scheme.

and it seems that it seems to be lose on a bag of seeds spreading roots on the streets so it grows and it breeds fellow seeds to proceed with progress to profess a new quest and protest the spiritless.

2nd verse:
Disperse against nemesis energy thru clinched fist and fight first with warrior instinct. An instant exhilarating sense of ability to connect with principles of self-sufficiency.
I come as a servant of the heaven's insurrection injecting the fire...burn with good intention. Holla back with a NOW when I say REVOLUTION!
Revolution NOW
Revolution NOW
yea, holler words speak in utter repentance
attention, a problem that the president faces
attendance is greater than the leader's commencement
intention from the people is independence.

A people enslaved in a barricaded city a strayed forsaken in hell by devil's supremacy. Centuries of comatose outlook insecurity leading to timidity and finally slavery.

Desde el 510 pueblo le entra al golpe bien.
Contra la basura del presidente inconsencuente
viene la gente despues de una gran inquietez
derrotando al hombre juez vida justa otra vez.